Building Forensics & Insurance Investigations

When a building failure occurs, we conduct the necessary investigation to determine the reason for the failure, and provide recommendations for modifications. We can review project drawings to confirm design-to-build is correct, assess partial damage investigations to develop plans for repairs, and provide expert assessment of why an incident took place. LEARN MORE ABOUT BUILDING FORENSICS & INVESTIGATIONS

Expert Witness Services

We provide building forensic investigations and expert witness services for attorneys, insurance companies and adjustment firms seeking explanation for construction-related disputes. LEARN MORE ABOUT EXPERT WITNESS SERVICES

Structural Engineering & Building Design

Our goal is to design buildings and building modifications that can withstand the test of time and environmental stresses. We work with building owners, architects, contractors, and materials suppliers to design building plans for new construction, building remodeling or rehabilitation, or changes to building elements that meet the design goals of the project, while keeping with the safety standards that building codes require.


Building Science

We make sure your building is adequately protected against the elements and the pressures that nature exerts on the exterior building envelope, cladding and components.

Thermal Moisture Protection Engineering

Utilizing both traditional methods, as well as advanced modern systems and materials, we design plans and determine the correct materials to properly seal building exteriors against moisture, and thermal and air penetration.

Delegated Design Services

When your project architect specifies delegated engineering and design services for specific secondary structural elements, we can provide the engineering analysis and detailed requirements to your contractor.   

  • Aluminum-glazed curtain wall and storefronts
  • Glass guardrails and wall glazing at hazardous areas
  • Point supported glass canopies and skylights
  • EPDM, asphalt, and metal roofing with attachments
  • Wall cladding including metal and aluminum composite (ACM) panels with attachments
  • Aluminum sunshades with attachments
  • Component anchorage design including post installed concrete anchorage
  • Roof mounted solar systems, including racking design for ballasted and permanent attachments
  • Roof-top mounted mechanical equipment and radio towers
Retaining Walls

We can assist with the design of all types of retaining walls, and determine the best materials and construction method to create a resilient, durable barrier to erosion. In addition to traditional wall materials, we design for MSE, concrete, timber and tie-back walls.

Drafting Services

Our dedicated drafting staff use AutoCAD to develop all of our designs and plans, making for a faster, more economical option for our clients.

Building Code Interpretation

Interpreting building codes can be exasperating! Let us help make sure your project stays on schedule and conforms properly to local building codes. We are accustomed to clarifying building codes, so let us help you navigate and save you a lot of time and headache! LEARN MORE ABOUT BUILDING CODE INTERPRETATION