Building Forensics & Insurance Investigation

We routinely conduct Forensic Engineering and Building Failure Investigations for the insurance industry. We can help determine the extent of damage, cause of loss, evaluate the remaining structure, identify code mandated upgrades, provide repair recommendations for cost estimating, and complete repair design plans that can be used for contractor bidding and local permitting. Over the past 20+ years we have investigated thousands of property damaged buildings and components including:

  • Fire Damaged Buildings & Systems
  • Building Code Interpretations for Repairs
  • Construction Defects & Building Performance Issues
  • Building & Building Component Failures
  • Materials & Component Defects
  • Mechanical System Failures
  • Building Wind/Rain/Storm Damage
  • Building Damages from Environmental Conditions (water intrusion, condensation, thermal protection, mold)
  • Thermal Imaging & Blower Door Testing
  • Chimney investigations & Video Inspection
  • Foundation Settlement & Crack Investigation
  • Swimming Pool Failures
  • Liability – Personal Injury Claims

Insurance Investigations

When building damage or a personal injury claim requires an insurance investigation to determine the extent of the damage for coverage interpretation, we provide the necessary professional investigations to give an opinion for the cause of the failure.

In our 20+ years of conducting building investigations and providing professional engineering services for the insurance industry, we have investigated a hundreds of scenarios. We can also conduct necessary testing and analysis services. Please view our full list of investigative services.

We complete building damage investigations for insurance adjusting purposes:

  • Property Damage Investigations
  • Homeowner Losses
  • Commercial Building Losses
  • Mechanical Systems Failures
  • Natural Causes (flood, fire, wind)
  • Liability – Personal Injury Claims

Partial Damage Investigations

When property has been damaged due to construction failure, environmental circumstances such as mold or rot, or a natural disaster such as fire, there may be partial damage that needs to be repaired. We will investigate the damage, determine how much of the existing structure needs repair or replacement, and develop design plans as necessary to conduct those repairs.

If you have a structural issue occurring with an existing building design, we can help figure out what is causing it, and develop a solution to rectify it.

  • Residential Wood-Framed Structures
  • Commercial Steel Framing
  • Concrete Foundations & Slabs
  • Retaining Walls
  • Masonry Structures
  • Renovations & Additions to Any Building

If your building failure involves a dispute, please see our Expert Witness Services page.