Building Code Interpretation

Building codes vary drastically from town to town and state to state. It can be extremely difficult to keep up with codes between jurisdictions, and even more difficult to interpret them at times. We know this is a big frustration for building owner and contractors. You have a construction design you want to achieve, and the town has a building code they will enforce that may not concur with your design. The bottom line is that we all want our buildings to be safe, stable and secure throughout their use.

At Associated Design Partners, we are accustomed to interpreting building codes, so let us help you navigate and save you a lot of time and headache!

Frequently, current building codes mandate that building renovation projects require an engineering evaluation, which may trigger code upgrades and modifications to certain building elements.  We can perform investigation and evaluation services that follow the code-mandated guidelines, and help develop cost-effective reinforcing and modifications that satisfy the minimum safety and performance standards the code requires.

We are familiar with the individual municipalities and town codes in Maine, and are fluent with:

  • ICC family of codes including: IBC, IRC, IEBC, IECC, IFC
  • Maine State Plumbing Code
  • NFPA 1, 101
  • IPMC Property Maintenance Code

We don’t just interpret the building codes in your area, but help you apply them to your design and building features. Sometimes plans have to be revised to meet code, and we can help you do that. We’re here to keep you on the path to approval!